Overnight Road Closure: Waterloo Road, Southampton - 14 Aug

Wednesday, August 08 2018

Please be aware that Waterloo Road in Southampton will be closed overnight on Tuesday 14th August between 20:00-06:00hrs due to roadworks.

Bluestar 8 and Bluestar 12 Outbound, from Four Posts Hill will continue along Shirley Road then turn left into Paynes Road to continue normal route.

Inbound buses will do the same in reverse.

Unfortunately this means we will be unable to serve some stops. Please see below for a list of affected stops and your nearest alternative:


Waterloo Road, Queenstown Road
Waterloo Road, Christ Church
Replacement Stop: Shirley Road, Sir George's Road


Waterloo Road, Christ Church
Waterloo Road, Queenstown Road 
Waterloo Road, Wellington Court 
Replacement Stop: Shirley Road, Sir Georges Road or Four Posts Hill.

Please note: Bluestar 9 will also do this diversion, however, as it does not serve any stops on Waterloo Road, there are no alternative stops available.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Bluestar 8
Bluestar 9
Bluestar 11
Bluestar 12

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